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Fit at 50: Live in Love

Thanks for reading my “Fit at 50” series of posts, written for the benefit of long-term caregivers. Hopefully I’ve validated some aspects of your experience, and encouraged positive path(s) forward. The New Year is a good time to set an intention and take a first step. Please share with any friend who is also in […]

Fit at 50: Live Strong

I noticed this fall 2020, after a full season enjoying and working in the garden, that my hips and back could use a daily strengthening program, to help me last longer in the garden, and to support my physical fitness for life in general.  I purchased a few books and I read about others over […]

Fit at 50: Live Pain-Free

Living pain-free before and after 50 is my motivation to start a daily practice now at age 48. In the process of losing, gaining, losing weight, 2015-2018, I began noticing left sacroIliac (SI) joint pain waking me up between 2-5 times each night.  I lived with this situation for several months, then I researched Integrated […]

Seeds Planted, Tended… Grow

Another great quote from Judi Neal’s Edgewalker e-news: As great as learning is, it is important to realize that knowledge is meaningless unless we apply what we have learned. The seeds of knowledge will blow away in the wind unless they are planted in our everyday life. The seedlings must be tended regularly by watering […]

Giving Birth to our Images

Thanks to Judi Neal for the following Edgewalker quote: You must give birth to your images. They are the future waiting to be born. Fear not the strangeness that you feel. The future must enter you long before it happens. Just wait for the hour, the birth of new clarity. — Ranier Maria Rilke Here’s […]

Vision for our shared future

Please read the vision statement I’ve crafted. This is my first attempt to capture my vision for our shared future in a statement. I welcome your comments and questions! Moving forward with a listening heart, vision, inquiry, and action, ~ Mary marymac missions’ vision: caregivers and receivers feel and know the presence of caring community […]