mary smiles on a rocking chairHi! Thanks for visiting Marymac Missions online!

We continue to move towards a better life quality for folks affected by extended illness and disability. Since 2010, I’ve presented the “Take Care” topic as a conference keynote speaker, workshop and retreat leader at large conferences, medium halls, intimate group retreats, and online webcasts. The feedback from the community has been very positive and we have felt the support, emotionally and financially, to continue developing mobile, online, and onsite programs, publications, products, and a place (at our home) for respite, recreation, and wellness.

Our revised company logo emphasizes that there are two hearts in the middle, and Marymac Missions holds these hearts with care (care-givers and -receivers). We have changed the colors of the logo from blue and grey to blue, red, and yellow, to highlight the loving intentions of our work and to affirm that we are not complacent with the social issues surrounding the present and future of long-term family care and dementia-care in America. As the rate of dementia-care rises in our communities, our work is needed urgently, like critical-care for the critically-wounded or those in danger.

Please enjoy our new web design including the original line-drawings we created for my keynote presentation at the Alzheimer’s Association CNY Chapter’s DEMENTIACARE 2013 conference. We expect to develop the keynote into an online presentation or e-book, available on this website, in the near future.

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry, and action,
~ Mary