Fit at 50: Hope, Balance, Strength

It’s been 12 years since I lost my mom Margaret to FTD, and 10 years since I founded MaryMac Missions, to be a witness to the dementia-caregiving experience – before and after caregiving, and to create different and better experiences for care-partners and the people they care for, each day of life.

The next few posts will be about my present health kick, to live light, live pain-free, live strong, and live in love. I offer my experience to give witness to a dementia caregiver experience post dementia-care, and to give validation and hope to other people in recovery from a dementia-caregiving experience.

Living light, living pain-free, living strong, and living in love, are the four essential goals that are worth my focusing and attention. Over the next four weeks, I will offer present thoughts and feelings on how it’s going. Look for an update each Monday, December 7-28, 2020.

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