Fit at 50: Live Pain-Free

Living pain-free before and after 50 is my motivation to start a daily practice now at age 48.

In the process of losing, gaining, losing weight, 2015-2018, I began noticing left sacroIliac (SI) joint pain waking me up between 2-5 times each night.  I lived with this situation for several months, then I researched Integrated Positional Therapy (IPT) Training with Lee Albert, at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, in Lenox, MA.

Training Levels 1 and 2 were offered together, over a Friday-Sunday weekend session, and a Mon-Friday session.  Over several days, participants – mostly bodyworkers and health professionals – paired up morning, afternoon, and evenings, to learn and try new stretching techniques on each other.  During the first Saturday morning session, my left hip (left quadratus lumborum) was released, using one of these stretching methods.  The next few days I practiced learning to walk a new way with the hip (and lots of other stuff: facia, muscles, tendons) learning a new normal.  The fourth night after the adjustment (11/15/18) was the the first night I slept pain-free, un-interrupted, and it was like a miracle. just amazing.

I was given “homework,” a personalized stretching routine to do at home, to maintain a longer left body. I do the stretches pretty faithfully 3-5 times daily.  I’ve maintained a pain-free sleeping experience to this day.

I’m now a Level 3 IPT Practitioner, and available to teach anyone interested in learning more about these stretching methods that relieve chronic pain.  Simply call or e-mail to schedule a first session, free-of-charge.

Inspirational/Recommended Reading: Lee Albert, “Live Pain-Free Without Drugs or Surgery.”

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