our values, vision & mission


our values:
Creative, Accessible, Sustainable

our vision:
Care givers and receivers feel and know the presence of caring community companions throughout and beyond the long-term-care journey; they are empowered to love themselves and each other in balanced ways; they experience universal comfort, respite and recreation in local natural places of hospitality.

our mission statement:
Champions for individuals, couples, and families affected by extended illness, we:

  • meet people where they are (locally, financially, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually).
  • provide positive experiences, strategies, practices, coping methods and skills through the cycle of health, illness, loss, recovery and renewal.
  • raise public awareness and facilitate community alliances between individuals, families, businesses and community organizations to reach, include and care for care givers and receivers who become marginalized because of the systemic effects of illness.
  • lead and participate in research that aims to understand the effectiveness of care giver and receiver health programs.
  • support research that aims to illuminate and eliminate the root causes of disease.
  • adapt to best serve current care giver and receiver needs.