Dance Prayer

Dance Prayer

Our Creative Team

Many skilled and experienced minds and hands North of Boston have contributed to Marymac Missions’ websites, printed teaching and marketing materials, and uniform pieces. Design Principals in their own right, these professionals have come with heart to Marymac Missions’ projects with long-term-care stories of their own to tell. Together, the creative work speaks for the whole team and we hope it speaks for many, many more.

Line Drawings

The line drawings throughout Marymac Missions’ communications strive to communicate and validate with lightness of spirit some of the most complex emotions and challenges we face as long-term caregivers and care-receivers. The drawings aim to raise-up, inspire, and support the human spirit towards visioning new possibilities for life and taking small steps.

Balanced Butterfly Logo

Balanced Butterfly Logo


Logo Design

The Balanced Butterfly logo contains the two hearts of care-giver and care-receiver, ideally balanced with a middle point of one-ness, together-ness. The middle point is yellow to signify the role of willpower and choice in the activities of reconciliation and manifesting balance. The red circle represents the love and blood of family. The yellow circle symbolizes the caring potential of community. The blue lines in the logo represent Marymac Missions holding the hearts of the care-giver and care-receiver, and connecting these two through communications with family and community carers. Note: The blue outline of the red hearts forms two Ms: Mary and Margaret’s dementia-care experience created the social enterprise Marymac Missions.


Red, yellow, blue, and white are for us the colors of revolution and primary simplicity. These colors communicate that we are not complacent with the social situation as it is. Red is the base chakra color and for us symbolizes the blood of family, as most long-term care is provided directly by family members; it also symbolizes crisis as well as love from an American-culture perspective. We’ve chosen yellow as the color of universal hope, possibility, and guidance; our yellow Twinkle Toes Knows character holds and imparts these qualities to her students. Yellow in eastern cultures can represent crisis as well as opportunity. Yellow is the color of the third chakra, the solar plexus; it is the color of self-empowerment. Blue represents communication, which is a core part of all Marymac Missions’ services: the written and spoken word; group facilitation; translation and transformation of complex academic formulas to easy-to-learn and -remember audio-visual and kinesthetic living languages. Blue also symbolizes the water that flows in each of us and makes each of us part of the one blue sea. Water (communication) can ease through blood lines (family ties), and it holds the light. White represents the air, which is needed for life and healing.

These 2014 colors are a change from our 2010 original colors which were mainly oceanic shades of blue, gray and sand, originally chosen to be soothing, to represent our base North of Boston and be consistent with other healthcare-oriented companies.