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Marymac Missions is powered by a small band of independent creatives North of Boston, MA who have experienced or witnessed first-hand the effects of long-term- and dementia-caregiving on individual lives, relationships and marriages, and extended families.

Drawn left to right:
Mary of Marymac Missions
Edith Heyck of Newburyport, MA,, graphic design
Kate Broughton of Amesbury, MA,, web design, print design
Don Meskie of Amesbury, MA, web design
Marc Lisle of Amesbury, MA, graphic design
Deby Ryan of Georgetown, MA,, uniform design
Terri Talas of Exeter, NH, (commissioned lion/lamb pendant; ancient extinct mammoth ivory), uniform design

Marymac Missions serves individuals, couples, families, and communities affected by long-term illness and disability. We specialize in serving families impacted by dementia and similar degenerative diseases.

Why We Care
We Care HeartsThe health and wellness of caregivers and care receivers is at a higher risk than we’ve experienced in the past, in part because illness is lasting longer and more direct care responsibility is placed on family members who are not trained health personnel. Most of us are unprepared for illnesses that take us by surprise, create a storm in our life unlike anything we have experienced in the natural world, that last years.

Marymac Missions is aware of the growing needs of individuals, couples, families, communities and societies who are living more with extended degenerative illnesses that threaten the physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and economic welfare of caregivers, care receivers, and the communities in which they live. We are sharing life lessons which we believe will benefit families starting unwelcome journeys, families in mid-course, and families who are in a process of recovery and renewal.

Extended degenerative illnesses are challenging us at every level:
Individuals are living longer with disabling and degenerative diseases that are little known and devastating personally, with losses experienced physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, spiritually and financially.
Couples are journeying together through extended illnesses living daily with the challenges of illness and uncertainty for how long it will last. The illness affects their relationship on physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual and financial levels.
Families are dealing with extended illnesses differently, some joining together to share the care for a loved one on a distributed basis, some who appoint one primary caregiver to manage all aspects of care, and some who do a little bit of both. The illness affects inter-family relationships on physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual and financial levels.
Communities are managing extended illnesses differently, with organizations having different levels of awareness and ability to serve the needs of caregivers and receivers. Extended illnesses challenge communities to respond to the physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual and financial issues that are presented.
Societies are preparing to meet the growing needs presented by extended illnesses that will impact the financial as well as the physical-mental-social-emotional-spiritual health and wellness of each society.

Our Conscious Response to a Growing Social Problem: A Social Enterprise
A social enterprise is created in response to a significant social problem. The beginnings of organization are typically led by one or two people who have experienced the significant social problem at a highly disturbing level. The social enterprise is then founded to serve multiple stakeholders: individuals and communities most affected by the significant social problem, the natural environment upon which everyone depends, and the economic needs of the social enterprise (meeting operational costs and reinvesting in the growth of social services). The social operational model in practice benefits the economic health of community mission partners as well.