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The annual report (written since 2012) measures social services and outreach and communicates a transparent overview of financial investment and earned income.

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People who share our values, vision, and mission contribute their skills, seeds, plants, sculptures, and money to support our work. We are grateful for the hearts moved to help us grow. Thank you for considering how you might contribute at any level. Learn more about the options below or Contribute now!

In-kind Donations

Contribute to the cause with your skills or material goods. To inquire about making an in-kind donation, please contact us.

Financial Giving Options

If you’d like to make a financial donation, please visit the Contribute page (any amount is appreciated and helps the cause). Please note that contributions to Marymac Missions are not tax deductible.

Donate to show your support. Has our work resonated with you, informed you, inspired you, or otherwise benefitted you directly? If yes, please consider a financial acknowledgement of the social good we provide.

Donate in honor or memory of someone special. Tribute Gifts allow you to contribute to our work as a way of honoring or remembering someone special.

Designate your donation to a specific fund

The following direct-giving funds are available:

Accessible Gardens in Topsfield, MA USAWe are developing wheelchair-accessible gardens at our home in Topsfield, MA, with the vision that the gardens will become a future resource for people living with long-term illness and disability. Each year, we make significant progress and come closer to actualizing our vision. Learn more about this project at

Saving the Lives of Dementia CaregiversAs a survivor of one of the most devastating forms of dementia (FTD), part of Mary’s mission is to offer a portion of annual wellness training programs for family caregivers on a no-charge basis. This service is not without costs, however. The costs associated with providing free wellness programs include: program facilitation (preparation and in-session leadership); educational materials (the printing costs of educational materials are one of the highest costs annually to Marymac Missions); web development and maintenance costs (for online programs); and marketing costs. Your financial gift to this fund would help us significantly reduce our costs associated with providing programs for which we are not financially compensated, and would give us the capability to offer more programs on a no-charge basis.

Tip the Independent Writer & IllustratorSince 2010, Mary has written, recorded, photographed, and illustrated about the long-term caregiver’s journey as part of a personal healing process that has also validated and inspired the experiences of many more. Mary’s publications include:

  • The Morning Report: bi-weekly eco-spirituality blog
  • Marymac Missions’ Monthly News: monthly e-newsletter
  • Mary’s Blog: Robin Hood Reports and Redux – for 24/7 Caregivers – from Conferences and Workshops

All donors receive recognition in our annual report (donors who wish to remain anonymous will not have their names revealed to the public).