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8-week Self-Care Series Pilot

We are 4-weeks into an 8-week Caregiver Self-Care Series Program up in Concord, NH at Havenwood Heritage Heights, a Continuing Care Retirement Community for people over age 62. The program was marketed via flyers and a campus newsletter.  It was offered as a free activity for any caregiver on the 600+ person campus who wished to join either […]

U.S. Suicide Rate Report & Rest.Stop.Ranch Support

Friends, A mid-life crisis due to most difficult dementia-caregiving is what I experienced in 2007-2008. The crisis caused me to found on April 19,2010, MaryMac Missions LLC, as a single-person social enterprise, to raise awareness, educate and support other caregivers experiencing difficulties with dementia-caregiving. Most of these “other caregivers” are mostly women and mostly middle-age. […]

Progress made in ALS Research!

I’m so happy to hear about the progress that has been made in ALS research. My talented and loving grandfather, John C. Fraser of Seneca Falls, NY, died of this disease and I know so many others who are currently journeying with this debilitating illness. The disease process discovered may also share some commonalities with […]

Exhausted caregivers’ stress hormone levels like those suffering PTSD

In a 2007 CNN Health article, Andree LeRoy, M.D. describes “caregiver syndrome,” a combination of physiological and psychological negative health changes that frequently occur in cases of extended caregiving. The article advocates for expanded caregiver support systems, increased practical help for caregivers, and caregiver education. Many exhausted, ill caregivers today don’t seek help because they […]

Literature Review: Health Effects of Dementia Caregiving on Family Caregivers

Read the clinical review written by Drs. Richard Schulz and Lynn Martire of the University of Pittsburgh’s University Center for Social and Urban Research, to better understand the health effects of dementia caregiving on family caregivers. Even though this report is now 6 years old, many of the facts remain true. Family Caregiving of Persons […]