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Love your neighbor… Begin to know who they are.

This is my first post in nearly a year at MaryMac Missions. I became unavailable to write here with so much happening at our home, Rest.Stop.Ranch Respite Retreat Center and Accessible Gardens in Topsfield, MA, USA. Since my last post, we published the 2017 MaryMac Missions Annual Report. A copy was mailed to 2018 donors […]

2016 Annual Report ~ Read it and Celebrate!

Our 2016 Annual Report tells a story of increasing community involvement and support from individuals, couples, families, local community groups, and the state of MA Department of Developmental Services. It’s great to witness the actualization and positive changing of the vision I started with in 2010. I remain open to listening to community members on […]

Annual Report – 2014

Just posted: The Marymac Missions’ Annual Report 2014! The report provides: 1 – a 2014-in-summary letter, + our values, vision, and mission statement 2 – Mary’s Work: Speaking, Training, and Retreats 3 – Mary & Karl’s Work: Accessible Gardens Development 4 – 2014 Metrics & More: Meeting People Where They Are: 6 Channels 5 – […]

Annual Report – 2013

The Marymac Missions’ Annual Report 2013 offers an overview of: – 2013 Metrics & More: Meeting People Where They Are: 6 Channels – Our Work: Speaking, Teaching, Coaching, Consulting – Our Work: Research, Design & Development – 2013 in Balance Sheet Enjoy reading the Marymac Missions’ Annual Report 2013! Moving forward with a listening heart, […]