$12K Seed Funding Spent!

Now, just past quittin’ time, 5pm EST, and just prior to the 4th of July Independence Weekend (U.S.), I’m pleased to report that we have spent all of our Memory Café seed-funding from the MA State Department of Developmental Services, on April 1, 2016… by June 30, 2016!

How did we spend our seed-funds? The breakdown looks like this:

  • $5K Accessible Outdoor Furniture
  • $2.7K Program & Volunteer Coordinator
  • $1.3K Activity Supplies: Flowers, Birds, Fish, Drums, Dance
  • $1K Accessible Port-a-Potty, seasonal rental, May – Oct
  • $1K Outdoor Signage
  • $1K Marketing, Facilitator Honoraria, Refreshments, Overhead Costs

The seed-funding has set-us-up well for hosting monthly Memory Cafés well into the future, at our home and gardens, Rest.Stop.Ranch in Topsfield, MA USA. Locals interested in coming and seeing the funds actualized in the form of garden and program improvements may schedule a private “come and see tour and tea” with me, anytime through October.

Learn more about our Memory Café > Our next Memory Café event is Sunday, July 10, 11am – 2pm. Please call me at 978-887-4202 if you wish to join us!

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry, and action,
~ Mary

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