Harmony at Home, Phase 3: 16 of 18 Sessions: Personal Unraveling… Reconciling

Recovering Personal Files

Recovering Personal Files

Seven years ago I left everything to care for my mom, a state away, living with dementia. My personal paperwork was packed, not to be seen again for a very long time (I still have several pallets stacked high with boxes from 2007). Since moving to our current home in 2009 with the effects of PTSD, non-essential paperwork was deferred while I cared for my father with end-stage cardiac disease through his death in May 2013. Only now, after the death of both of my parents and the sale of my family home, am I able to focus on organizing my own personal files.

Meta-categories have been sorted as of today.
So far, they include:

  • 60-day Active Files (to-dos)
  • Family Estate Files
  • Periodicals & Subscriptions
  • My Personal Interests (music, art, dance, kilts, etc.)
  • My Education & Training
  • My Life – Scrapbook – age 0-40
  • Our Life Together – Scrapbook – pre and post-2012 wedding
  • Our Family – Scrapbook – 3 generations
  • Our Passion – Gardens
  • Our Interests – Fun
  • Our Community – Church & Town
  • Practical (home improvements, doctors, cars, etc.)
  • Financial (banking, retirement, etc.)

Following sessions will fine-tune file names and contents. It feels great to begin to have a personal paper filing system that is organized and accessible.

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry, and action,
~ Mary

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