Heart Part Placed ~ End of Week 1

It is the end of a life-changing week for my father, Joe, who’s life has been extended with the Core Valve (a man-made aortic heart valve). A great amount of energy, skill, resources, prayers and social/emotional/spiritual supports have been given to him by a highly skilled acute care medical team, a family support team of myself and my life-partner Karl, and friends and family from afar.

This morning he continues healing in the CCU. He has suffered significant pain from the procedure, which continues to be managed. His spirit is strong and he hopes to leave the hospital next week.

This week’s events (companioning my father through heart surgery) have me writing more for practical purposes, personal therapy, and public education. The topics include: How’s Joe, How’s Mary, How’s Karl, Healing Trauma, and Cycles.

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Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry, and action,
~ Mary

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