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Emergency Files

Harmony at Home, Phase 3: 2 of 18 Sessions: Being Ready

“Je suis pret” is the motto of my maternal Fraser of Lovat Scottish clan. “I am ready” is certainly a good ideal to keep close to heart and mind, and for me recently begged the question, “Am I ready… for the unexpected?” Estate management has helped me to turn the focus on my own aging […]

Moving Box Labeled "Stuffed Animals"

Harmony at Home, Phase 3: 1 of 18 Sessions: Unpacking the Easy

I am beginning to realize that a significant part of my role as a writer/blogger is simply to be a witness to the long-term effects of long-term care, and to validate for myself and others in real…slow… time… my own grief process… slogging through an estate management project given my personality type (a sensitive and […]

Begin Again: Yoga Practice

Tired of Living Like a Refugee

Or, yet another example of Start Where You Are (Chödrön, P., 1994) Nearly six years after our move to this home in Topsfield, MA (February 17, 2009), and the traumas of losing both parents, now water under the bridge… continually falling ever-so-softly down a rocky edge to a deep pool below… I’m noticing moss and […]

Paper Layers - Filed

Paper Layers Excavation Complete: 18 of 18 sessions

Nine weeks later, I’m thrilled to witness a transformation of my once named paper layers- now, a highly ordered and efficient filing system at my home office that reflects four years of my survivor’s mission work at the kitchen table (writing) and in the world (speaking, teaching workshops, and leading retreats). Here begins a strong […]

Paper Freedom-Trail

The spiritual-emotional benefits of getting paperwork in order are real. Papers marching to the tune of determined intentions are forming meaning ne’er before seen, like the beauty of synchronized swimmers… In these new forms, I am beginning to see the patterns of values, service, community feedback, and improvements integrated, which I had known were there […]

Paper Layers Excavation: Mid-Project Review

Today we have completed nine of eighteen 3-hour organizing sessions in this “Paper Layers Excavation” project phase of my larger “Harmony at Home” estate-management program started January 15 of this year (2014). Last week we joyfully reached a project milestone that involved home personal paper files (personal interests, letters, family photos, 2012 wedding vendor contracts, […]

Paper Layers Excavation: week 1 of 9

“Paper Layers” is the second phase of the larger “Harmony at Home” project (started in January 2014 in response to the contents of my family home being moved to my current home). For now, we’ve shut the door on the material goods, and we are focusing only on papers. I had a thirty-day respite in […]