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Love your neighbor… Begin to know who they are.

This is my first post in nearly a year at MaryMac Missions. I became unavailable to write here with so much happening at our home, Rest.Stop.Ranch Respite Retreat Center and Accessible Gardens in Topsfield, MA, USA. Since my last post, we published the 2017 MaryMac Missions Annual Report. A copy was mailed to 2018 donors […]

Try a Sober St. Pats Day

Each of us has an opportunity to come clean… what’s yours? Whether or not you or a family member struggles with addiction… Now is a good time to look at our habits. Now is a good time to consider how we are influenced by ethnic heritage and family of origin. Now is a good time […]

Dementia Caregiver (DCG) Stress and Substance Abuse: Impacts Kids & Teens

This week (February 12 – 18, 2017), and perennially, Valentine’s Day (Feb 14) week, is Children of Alcoholics Awareness Week. If you are an individual choosing alcohol or another addictive substance, as a coping mechanism for life’s stressors… there is help. If you are a child or teen of an alcoholic (COA) or an adult child of an alcoholic […]

DCG Living Hx Mobile Museum and School

Each week, the new DCG (dementia-caregiver) Living Hx (history) Mobile Museum and School travels from Topsfield Rest.Stop.Ranch Caretaker’s Cottage to Concord, NH’s Havenwood Heritage Heights’ campuses “Havenwood” (serving independent, home-care, assisted living, and skilled nursing residents) and “Heritage Heights,” (serving independent residents and those receiving home-care). Each month, a new interactive exhibit featuring an artifact from […]

Transforming Two Seeds of Discontent, since 2010 

This past week I was interviewed by my undergraduate alma mater, University of Rochester, in New York State, for their Rochester Review alumni magazine.  Once again, thankfully, I was indirectly invited to become crystal-clear on what I and we’ve been doing since 2010, and why.  I was able to articulate that it’s really two seeds of discontent, […]

Funeral for a Forty-four-year-old Friend

This Monday and Tuesday I attended a wake and funeral for a forty-four-year-old friend, I had not met before, who ended his life. I was present to support the surviving members of the family, to pray for the deceased, and to pray for my contemporaries, in mid-life, who are struggling with personal pain and unremitting […]

Toughest Job in the World?

A commercial from Hillary Clinton’s campaign states that the American Presidency is the toughest job in the world. I respectfully disagree. The President has work hours, a salary, health benefits, and vacation time. 24/7 Family dementia caregivers do not have these job benefits. I would love to hear the 2016 presidential candidates speak on the […]

Edith Stands with ADA25Boston March

ADA 25th Anniversary: Boston Commoners are We!

A person with disabilities of my own, I was grateful to make it down to the Boston Common for the ADA25Boston Celebration yesterday, thanks to Edith, my beloved get-it-done/personal-care assistant and companion, who drove us down from our home in the Topsfield wilderness. Edith helped us get to the start of the march, at the […]

Mary's Private Notes: MAP Conference 2015: Alz.Assoc. MA/NH

Robin Hood Redux: MAP Conference 2015: Mary’s Private Notes

This is the second in a series of two posts. 1st post in this series: Robin Hood Redux: MAP Conference 2015: About 80% of long-term-care services in the USA are provided by (often unpaid) family caregivers. Many in this population do not have access to the latest and greatest conference presentations due to barriers financial, […]

Paper Layers Excavation: Mid-Project Review

Today we have completed nine of eighteen 3-hour organizing sessions in this “Paper Layers Excavation” project phase of my larger “Harmony at Home” estate-management program started January 15 of this year (2014). Last week we joyfully reached a project milestone that involved home personal paper files (personal interests, letters, family photos, 2012 wedding vendor contracts, […]