Harmony at Home, Phase 3: 1 of 18 Sessions: Unpacking the Easy

Moving Box Labeled "Stuffed Animals"

Moving Box Labeled “Stuffed Animals”

I am beginning to realize that a significant part of my role as a writer/blogger is simply to be a witness to the long-term effects of long-term care, and to validate for myself and others in real…slow… time… my own grief process… slogging through an estate management project given my personality type (a sensitive and sentimental artist/romantic #4 with a #3-achiever and #5-investigator wings, per the Enneagram personality types).

Since the contents of my family home were moved to my now-home almost one year ago (November 13, 2013), we have had a winter/spring project and a summer project to make some sense and progress with my own and my family’s belongings. At the time of the move, I made a decision to not rent a long-term storage unit nearby, but rather to have the stuff stare-me-down at home so I would be motivated to deal with it. We are now beginning a fall project to tackle the boxes I grouped earlier this year as “The Easy Stuff.” This includes kitchen and dining ware; household items such as side tables, lamps, sheets, kitchen and bath supplies; and books, board games, and childhood toys (3 generations worth!).

The work of “The Easy Stuff” is continuing to make decisions about what to keep, sell, donate, or trash, then finding ways to integrate items I decide to keep. “The Easy Stuff” is right now taking up dead space in our sunroom. As we begin to clear it, we are reclaiming a sense of openness, order, and light in one of our favorite spaces.

In session 1 of 18, I introduced a new organizer, Melissa, to the scope of the current project, and we unpacked or moved a total of four boxes out of the sunroom.

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry, and action,
~ Mary

For back-story about this estate management program, please read:
40+ Days of Desert Practice, which I wrote in January, 2014

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