Tired of Living Like a Refugee

Or, yet another example of Start Where You Are (Chödrön, P., 1994)

Begin Again: Yoga Practice

Begin Again: Yoga Practice

Nearly six years after our move to this home in Topsfield, MA (February 17, 2009), and the traumas of losing both parents, now water under the bridge… continually falling ever-so-softly down a rocky edge to a deep pool below… I’m noticing moss and lichen tucked in crevices birthing ever new meaning in the dark and cool wetness.

Survivor’s mission, compassion fatigue, and estate-management fatigue are part of my personal fabric now. These life experiences I didn’t ask for, but received blindsided. I realize I have tempered my emotional overwhelm with an unconscious-becoming-conscious psychic numbing which is beginning to wear-off. It is like a fog being lifted to reveal a high-definition clarity.

This morning I unpacked a box I labeled “Yoga Supplies” when I packed my previous practice space at my family home (now sold seven months) in Syracuse, NY. It was like unwrapping pieces of my broken heart and restoring them to built-in shelves in my new home yoga practice space. As the pieces were restored, I felt some settling in my soul.

Today I begin a new morning practice looking forward to feeling more and more settled: body, mind, and spirit.

I have planned an estate-management respite break this August and early September.
I will resume estate-management beginning with Estate Triage Room A in mid-September.

Estate Triage Room A - August 2014

Estate Triage Room A – August 2014

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry, and action,
~ Mary

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