Born on Independence Day: A New Chapter of Marymac Missions

Welcome to the new face of Marymac Missions! We have launched this new site on the 4th of July to celebrate our kindred spirits with the revolutionaries of our American past who fought for freedom, for representation, and for equality of persons… similar to contemporary family caregivers’ and care-receivers’ causes for which Marymac Missions has signed-up to serve.

Just like the farmers of Massachusetts who fought with whatever they had in the barn, we too have launched into this new chapter knowing that we’re bringing a lot of heart and soul to the field with the tools we know best:

  • our line drawings we hope, will delightfully distract people, if just for a moment, to see new possibilities
  • our words will continue to witness to the truth of what’s happening now for long-term caregivers,survivors, and care-receivers
  • our services including speaking, training, and retreats will continue to evangelize, teach, and support best practices for caregiver health and wellness throughout and beyond active long-term-caring experiences
  • our vision, action, and persistence will be our guiding light as we continue developing wheelchair-accessible gardens at our home for the benefit of families and groups in the future

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry, and action,
~ Mary

P.S. We will be tweaking design and functionality of this new site over the next several days. Please enjoy the newness of the site knowing some elements of the experience will be improving.

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