Org Development while Caregiving? Please…

Please bear with me as I focus on the topic: organizational development. For the last seven years I have chosen not to earn a generous salary as a user-experience design consultant for big businesses in the Boston area. Since 2010, I’ve become an unpaid founder and CEO of this social enterprise, Marymac Missions, which is a survivor’s mission to deal with one of the toughest topics of our time: DEMENTIA.

The LLC “Marymac Missions” turned 4-years old on April 19, 2014. In the business-school organizational development world, this small service-based business should be farther along than it is at this stage. We should have our systems in place and well on the way to earning a living wage. Well, this is not true for this org. This org is developmentally delayed, but not nearly dead. Why are we developmentally delayed? One contributing reason is that this founder and CEO has been caregiving for family part-time while building this social service.

Memorial Day weekend marked the one-year anniversary of my father’s death; my father was also one of my greatest supporters. The one-year anniversary felt sadder and harder than when he died a year ago. It was as if my grief process had a chance to catch up with me while I was not actively managing the funeral and then the estate (which I have been for twelve months now).

Now prioritizing a “Paper Layers Excavation” project, I’m finding that organizing-for-action-now (the paper-laid concepts, artwork, financial and organizational documents, research, and the many doing-being programs I’ve led over the past four years) is leading towards greater clarity and birth of systems-for-the-future.

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry, and action,
~ Mary

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