Rowing the Ocean with Toothpicks

A friend at church on Sunday asked me how I was doing. She asked how my aunt was doing (her husband passed in September).

I shared the yang (many positives and energizers) and the yin (the negatives and energy-sappers). The biggest yin at this time is the estate-management project that feels unending… like rowing the ocean with toothpicks… and not seeing the destination coast. It’s a topic that’s my greatest teacher now and one that I explored in my recent writing workshop a week ago with Ray McGinnis, “Writing the Sacred.” Feel free to use the beginning of the sentences to explore your own hot topic – and consult Ray’s book for more guidance!

A topic I want to explore is… my estate project.

I ask myself… “Will it ever end?” “When will it end?”

Beneath the surface I find… me… holding three generations of material goods.

I am disturbed, challenged, or uncomfortable with… a sense of overwhelm.

I am hopeful about… my day by day, “one day at a time” phased project approach.

I would benefit from… weekly fun/recreation.

My next step is… plan summer play dates for myself and for us (me and my beloved).

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry, and action,
~ Mary

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