40+ Days of Desert Practice

Two compassionate organizing companions are with me now for 40+ days of desert practice. We realized a significant start in our first three days/sessions this week (for the sake of my sanity, I am diving into the desert sands just 3 hours per organizing day). “What’s the purpose?” some may ask. If you are a new reader of my story shared here, you should know that I moved what was left of my family home to my present home November 13. I sold my family home December 13. I rested from six-months of estate-management December 15 – January 15. I am now getting-into-the-goods of my-life-disintegrated in 2007 due to unexpected mom-care, while also sifting through the spaces neglected these past few months and years due to the chronic critical care of my father and family estate. A future organizing project (later this year) will focus on the work related to the estate boxes currently stored, piled high, in a single bedroom.

The good start this week has replaced my feelings of overwhelm and despair with feelings of hope and joyful efficacy. For my own record and realizing-the-new-reality self-validation I will post our progress as our practice unfolds. I will name this series of posts: Transforming Trauma, Becoming Whole.

A total of 43 days/organizing sessions are scheduled between the project dates January 15 and April 15.

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry, and action,
~ Mary

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