Closed: Family Home

We closed the sale of the family home this past Friday. This is a great feeling after six months of clearing-out, sorting, purging, packing, and moving the remaining valued contents to our current home. It has been an exhausting several months of hard physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual work and miles and miles of interstate road trips. The continuous flow of green-backs to support the home’s upkeep (heat, electric, cable & phone, lawn-care, snow-plowing, etc.) has been stopped. Thank you to everyone who participated in the clearing-out process, home estimate, and legal/closing process. We are blessed that the home’s buyer (our neighbor’s sister) was ready and excited to be purchasing and moving into the home in these weeks prior to Christmas. The sister has been and continues to be a primary caregiver and house-mate to their father. Now the two sisters are neighbors! This makes family get-togethers and family elder-care easier – more play, less driving – for everyone!

With gratitude,
~ Mary

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