New Service for the Season

Holiday Rush Not Twitter Series offers daily words for well-being from Thanksgiving weekend through New Year’s Day.  Follow @marymacmissions.

The inspiration for this series began earlier this week when I listened to an NPR radio special covering the increasing presence of commercialism on Thanksgiving Day.  The conversation invites our reflection on what we appreciate as commercial convenience and what we feel to be an unwelcome commercial influence on the day of the year shared as special by Americans of all faith traditions.

The phrase “Holiday Rush” invited me to think not only about the paradoxes of commercialism in our society, but also of the many conscious and unconscious choices impacting our overall well-being during these days.  The primary audience I serve, long-term caregivers and adults living with extended illness, are especially vulnerable during this season to reactionary situations that cause rushed personal schedules and decisions, as well as rushed relationship moments.

Through the new twitter series, I hope to offer a voice of support, validation, and encouragement for those who not only wish to get through the season but to do so in a way that honors personal balance and life quality through the beginning of the new year.

Moving forward with a listening heart,

vision, inquiry, and action,

~ Mary

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