Heart Care, Dementia Care 2012 Syracuse, NY

It is Saturday morning. I’m having a cup of coffee and reflecting on the last few days I’ve spent here, North of Syracuse, NY. The purpose of my visit is to spend time with my father, who lives here, and is awaiting heart valve surgery, expected in June. We have enjoyed meals and movies together. Responding to his request for more garden flowers, I planted eight flowering shrubs (azaleas) within the window-view from his space at the kitchen table.

On Wednesday, based on my father’s encouragement and support, I attended the local Central New York Alzheimer’s Association Dementia Care 2012 Conference. It was a graduation of sorts to return again to the home-base organization that my father and I had first turned to when mom was exhibiting short-term memory loss and personality changes at the young age of 64. My heart felt some pain seeing again the names and faces of those who journeyed with us five and six years ago. At the same time, my heart was glad to see the progress and growth made in this region to educate and support family caregivers and persons living with cognitive degeneration.

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry, and action,
~ Mary

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