Marymac Missions is a Sustainable Business Leader!

On April 11, 2012, Marymac Missions officially became the 99th graduate of the Sustainable Business Leader Program offered by the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston. We are a certified Sustainable Business Leader through the year 2014!

We worked with SBLP coordinator Katrina Kazda and other team members over two years to make changes and develop systems in the areas of:
Energy Conservation
Water Conservation
Pollution Prevention & Safe Alternatives
Waste Management
Local Purchasing and Local Food
Sustainability Management

We will continue, through the choices we make, to facilitate small changes towards more positive health outcomes for the individuals and families we serve and the local/global community in which we live. John Daniel writes:

…we sense that possibility has opened in some new way, and we are reaching, uncertainly, for what is to be. To find it will take many small acts of courage and community–acts of faith and hope, acts of boldness and acts of forbearance, acts we can’t yet imagine, acts that may flower and bear fruit only after we are dead. Each alone may seem insignificant, overwhelmingly small, but so do the actions of raindrops and butterflies and the rootlets of trees. It is of such tiny movements, only of such tiny movements, that renewal is made. (“The Roots of Renewal,” Hope, September/October 2002, p. 41)

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry, and action,
~ Mary

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