New! Life Coaching for Caregivers and Receivers

One year ago, on Good Friday of Holy Week, I was called by a long-term family caregiver in New Mexico who benefited so much from our forty-minute conversation she told me I should become a life coach. I became certified as a Professional Coach and Group Leader this past December. Since then, I’ve coached people who never experienced the benefits of coaching and within five weeks began realizing their life goals.

Coaching better self-care and partner-care for long-term caregivers and receivers is my passion, but I am open to coaching anyone with a vision for their life that they are eager to realize (better health and wellness, improved relationships, discerning the spiritual path, succeeding in career and financial goals). We have developed Rest.Stop.Ranch Guide Services to be a life-coaching and companioning service which complements the self-care skill training I began last year. Research studies have shown that in addition to attending support groups and self-care skill training, long-term caregivers who have a coach to check-in with on a regular basis experience better health than caregivers who do not have this level of support.

I’m passionate about keeping our family caregivers – the lifeblood of our national healthcare system – healthy AND happy. Individual and group coaching services are available on-location and via phone.

Visit Rest.Stop.Ranch Guide Services to learn more about our services and schedule an introductory session.

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry, and action,
~ Mary

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