Mary Speaks

It is National Family Caregiver Month and National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. It is the perfect time to give voice to the social issue that is disabling so many families and family caregivers and shine a light on the support services that we have created.

The “Rest.Stop.Ranch: Brooksby Village Chapel Presentation” that I delivered in Peabody, MA on Oct 5, is now available at our YouTube channel “marymacmissions.” The presentation includes the following clips:
1- Intro and Welcome
2- Quick Check Guided Breathing Experience
3- Letting Go Guided Meditation Experience
4- My Life Changing Experience
5- My Recovery and Renewal
6- Website Demo:
7- Rest.Stop.Ranch Garden Slideshow
8- A Social Enterprise
9- Comments, Questions, Conclusion

The “Mary Speaks” playlist is described as:
Three years after her mom’s death from the neurodegenerative illness FTD (known as one of the toughest dementias/mental illnesses on families), Mary E. MacDonald, founder of Marymac Missions, answers the invitation to speak about her personal story and demonstrate the new services that have evolved from a devastating experience. The 60-minute presentation at Brooksby Village Chapel, Peabody, MA has been edited into a handful of easy-access web clips. Recorded: Oct 5, 2011.

Please share with families and friends who may benefit.

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry and action,
~ Mary

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