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Marymac Missions is now broadcasting at the YouTube channel “marymacmissions.” As a start, the channel has a playlist titled “Mary and Margaret” which includes four videos that educate folks (families living with degenerative cognitive illness) on the universal topics of “Enjoying,” “Saying Goodbye to Friends,” and “Singing When You’re Dying Inside.”

Here is the playlist description:
Mary and Margaret video clips show interactions between Mary E. MacDonald, founder of marymac missions, and her mom, Margaret, who is living (at the time of the recordings) with a neurodegenerative brain illness (FTD with Parkinson’s symptoms). The clips are offered as positive examples of going with the flow, creating meaningful goodbyes, and naming our own feelings/awareness when paradox is present. The descriptions associated with each clip provide a light analysis of what’s really happening here – from the perspective of the caregiver (Mary) and the care-receiver (Margaret). The clips also illustrate that the primary caregiver has so much potential to influence positive interactions with the person they care for who lives with a degenerative cognitive disease. A memorial video shows the vibrancy of Margaret’s life as a child, young adult, wife, mom, and teacher.

Please share these new resources with friends and families you know who may benefit.

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry and action,
~ Mary

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