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Marymac Missions is featured in the Canadian Room 217 e-newsletter, “Doorway to Room 217” this month, in their “Rooms Around the World” section.

Read the article, “Increasing the Options, Supporting Life Experience”

The Room 217 Foundation is a Canadian organization that supports palliative care at end-of-life. The founder, Bev Foster, has a personal story similar to my own, in that she has used music since her teenage years to comfort family and friends living with illness and then turned that into a broader outreach. Read an excerpt from her story below:

Since 2005, the music of Room 217 has been a peaceful presence in the lives of thousands of people. While palliative care is at the heart of Room 217, the Room 217 resources have been embraced as comprehensive therapeutic music resources that reach across the live span and offer relaxation, encouragement, sleep promotion, comfort and support in a broad range of circumstances and rooms around the world. The most common uses include:

– wellbeing
– caregiving
– therapeutic intervention
– spritual enrichment
– atmosphere
– Alzheimer’s and dementia care
– end-of-life and after care
– recreation and leisure
– baby care

In 2008, the Room 217 Foundation not-for-profit corporation was established and in April 2009 we became a registered Canadian charity.

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry and action,
~ Mary

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