North Shore Alzheimer’s Partnership Meeting

I attended the North Shore Alzheimer’s Partnership Meeting yesterday. Upcoming local events include the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, Oct 2, happening in Andover, MA. A Caregiver’s Conference is also being planned for November 5. The meeting was held at Rubin Thompson Assisted Living in Saugus, MA. The owner/founder/Executive Director Eric Rubin gave a few of us a tour of the home (he previously lived in it with his family). He has converted it into an assisted living home for adults living with Alzheimer’s. This is a project that he leads from his heart. Having journeyed with his grandmother through Alzheimer’s, he manages the organization with a high level of concern for a high quality of life each day of life for each resident. I witnessed a delicious dinner being served to the residents yesterday and heard Eric explain how they champion care for residents that is respectful of life and personal freedoms. I also appreciated hearing how he really works creatively with families to make it possible for more families to take advantage of the residential care offered there.

Moving forward with a listening heart,
vision, inquiry and action,
~ Mary

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