Heart Homes

This past week I had the opportunity to tour a model of senior assisted living I hadn’t seen before. It is called HEART (Housing Elders At Residences Together) Homes. In Peabody, MA there are four homes within local neighborhoods, all single-level ranches, that house 4-5 seniors who might otherwise be placed in long-term nursing facilities. The residents enjoy a family style living arrangement with each person having their own room that is decorated according to their personal tastes. There is generally a living room and a family room for social activities, which are directed by the interests of the residents. There is not a formal activities program. Who provides the care/housekeeping/cooking? Two live-in home health aides split the week. They also have their own room in the house. During the week, many of the residents attend day programs or medical appointments outside of the house. Learn more about this program at: Elder Home Options.

Moving forward with a listening heart…
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~ Mary

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