Spring 2011 Programs Announced!

I am excited to report that I have secured two retreat locations North and South of Boston where I will be facilitating ongoing retreats and workshops for caregivers and adults living with extended illness. The first of the Spring 2011 Programs will be a four week restorative program for family care partners journeying with a loved one through extended illness.
A small group of caregivers over a four week period will learn and deeply experience restorative self-care techniques including intentional breathing, guided meditation, and restorative yoga: floor and chair postures. Additionally, caregivers will have the opportunity to
build a realistic restorative plan for their current life that they enjoy, which they also consider convenient and affordable. View the Calendar of Events at Rest.Stop.Ranch to read about and register for all Spring 2011 Programs.

Moving forward with a listening heart…
vision, inquiry and action,
~ Mary

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