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Teaching self-care to family and professional caregivers affected by Alzheimer's/Dementia.

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  • Training family caregivers and direct healthcare providers at caregiver support groups, healthcare facilities, and private groups. Read more...

  • Leading retreats for spiritual retreat and conference centers and faith-based communities. Read more...

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  • Debra Mae Amidon will be Remembered in our Garden

    Debra Mae Amidon was my step-mother-in-law, and a close friend. Her daughter, Kendra Barthel, thought that a memorial created in our accessible gardens, Rest.Stop.Ranch, will be local to Clint (Debra’s beloved spouse), who visits often and will be comforted from whatever is chosen as a memorial (a planting or alternative). Karl and I will work […]

  • MaryMac Missions’ 2015 Annual Report now Available

    We did A LOT in 2015, and we also had a record number of individual contributions. We are growing our online and onsite services and our reach. View/Download MaryMac Missions’ Annual Report 2015 Moving forward with a listening heart, vision, inquiry and action, ~ Mary

  • $12K Seed Funding Spent!

    Now, just past quittin’ time, 5pm EST, and just prior to the 4th of July Independence Weekend (U.S.), I’m pleased to report that we have spent all of our Memory Café seed-funding from the MA State Department of Developmental Services, on April 1, 2016… by June 30, 2016! How did we spend our seed-funds? The […]